RCS Series Redundant Control System

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To ensure that you are familiar with the RCS product line, we recommend that you read the RCS catalog, prior to designing a product.
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Onboard Diagnostic Processor
Standard: 32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)
Extended Temperature: -13°F to 158°F (-25°C to 70°C)
Normally Closed
Normally Open
Double Acting
Enclosure Material
304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
Composite (Fiberglass)
System Voltage
12 VDC
24 VDC
48 VDC
120 VDC
24 VDC Intrinsically Safe
Operational Mode
Energized to Trip
De-Energized to Trip
1oo1HS De-Energized to Trip
2oo2 De-Energized to Trip
Optional Features
Common Alarm Full Stroke Limit Switch
Modbus 485 Communication Dual Power Sources
Local Initiation of Sov Test Analog Input Module
Local Initiation of Partial Stroke Test Two Analog Input Modules
Local Manual Reset Cabinet Heater
Bypass Indication Lever Type Bypass
Midstroke Limit Switch Shutoff for Modulated Control Valves
Silver Contacts for Relay Logic No Bypass
SIL Certification ATEX Certification
Additional Lights and Push Buttons
One Green Light One Green & One Red Light One Push Button
Two Green Lights Two Green & One Red Light Two Push Buttons
Three Green Lights Three Green & One Red Light Three Push Buttons
Four Green Lights One Green & Two Red Lights Four Push Buttons
One Red Light One Green & Three Red Lights  
Two Red Lights Two Green & Two Red Lights  
Three Red Lights    
Four Red Lights    
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